How can I lock my Ultimate-Pack?
Every order includes a special combination lock, which is already directly integrated into your Ultimate-Pack. Using the flexible steel cable you can lock your Ultimate-Pack anywhere.
How big is the Ultimate-Pack?
The Ultimate-Pack is perfectly tailored for both men and women. The shoulder straps provide optimal comfort even when carrying heavy items in the backpack. There is enough space to pack business accessories and leisure items for the entire day.

• Height: 46 cm
• Width: 30 cm
• Length: 14 cm
• Capacity in litres: 19,23 L

Do you offer worldwide delivery?
We deliver your Ultimate-Pack to every country. There is no extra charge for the delivery.
What does the delivery cost?
he delivery – both national and international – is free of charge.
Is the material of the backpack indestructible?
No material on this planet is indestructible. However, we worked long and hard to develop a fabric that is used in nuclear research and converted it for the Ultimate-Pack.
What is the delivery time to my country?
We use DHL as our logistics partner. Normally it can take around 10 working days for you delivery to arrive.
Is the powerbank in the video included in the delivery?
No. Our know-how lies in the production of your backpack. You can get good powerbanks from other manufacturers.